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The products and services offered by Unigas are varied in end use and application; however they all share the one common ingredient --- all of them use gas as its primary fuel. Gaseous fuels include pipeline quality natural gas, LPG, propane, bio-gas, landfill gas, etc.

The main areas of activities are:

---- Cogeneration systems based on reciprocating gas engines

---- Gas fuelled generating sets

---- Gas compressors (CNG, natural gas)

---- CNG Storage Cascades, Priority Panels, CNG Dispensers, etc for export

---- Conversion of diesel engines to spark-ignited gas operation for truck/bus as well as industrial applications (compressor & pump drives, generating sets)

---- Electric Control Panels with Auto-Synchronising, Load Sharing, Mains Paralleling, etc for generating sets

---- Electronic Governors, pressure regulators and gas carburettors

---- Waste Heat Recovery equipment for cogeneration systems

---- Acoustic Enclosures for Generating Sets & Cogeneration Modules